The problems and solutions, in this new era, do not arise from technology but from the good or bad use that is made of it. In this future that we are creating, day by day, Branding and one-to-one marketing is the closest thing to that very near future. By putting new technologies to good use, the power of brands, which know how to use them correctly, will inevitably grow. Power that is supported by personalizing the brand experience person to person, customer to customer. The targets as we knew them have died. The target is now an individual, a person with a first and last name. So much so that Jeff Bezos predicted almost two decades ago that “each of our customers will have a store to suit them.”

Customers who have experienced personalization of their purchase process admit that this personalization has influenced their decisions. According to an Infosys study, that number reaches 86%. More than 80% of consumers confirm that consistency between physical space (offline) and digital (online) is of utmost importance to them. Some speak of the need to have a Chief Omnichannel Officer in the teams, but once again the essential thing is to understand very well the essence of the brand, its strategy and for this it is not necessary to have more Chiefs but better teams.

The progress of technology has not been accompanied in the progress of the relationship between brands and customers. It is true that in many areas it is “rethinking ……” (add what corresponds: retail, banking, insurance, travel, everything). BrandOffOn synthesizes this new reality of brands and its practical application that is already part of the new ecosystem of the new world.

The brands that have best understood the change of scenery are working fervently in the integration of a positive customer experience in all their channels, especially taking advantage of the use of new technologies so that in the digital field personalization serves to seduce, attract, and above all to retain customers. It is true that the range of contact points between brands and people is growing more and more, but why see it as a problem and not as an opportunity?

While in the 20th century, large companies ate small ones, in the 21st, fast brands eat slow brands for breakfast. Speed ​​is closely associated with that tomorrow that will embrace brands that have creativity, innovation, willpower and an open mind in their DNA.

An example is worth a thousand theories.

In Bogotá, Colombia, I stayed at the beautiful 101 Park House hotel. There I was introduced, to my surprise, to a person who occupies the position of Customer Experience Manager. Finally, a position that I consider essential in practically all industries and sectors. His main job is to make each client feel special and make their stay memorable, in the best of senses. The truth is that when I entered my room I found a very original welcome kit (see the photo at the beginning of the post). But in addition to this, when connecting to the Wi-Fi network, instead of finding suite 601, I found the BrandOffOn network. You know, for everything else …

This shows that the brand experience does not end when the purchase is made (in this case the hotel room) but that the process is consolidated in the physical experience. That is what is memorable, what makes you recommend or criticize you.

It is becoming increasingly clear that digitization will continue to be naturally integrated into the shopping experience. Mind you, never replacing the human touch. Technology may (in some cases it already does) guide and guide the customer through advice and recommendations on products, while collecting data on said customer so that the technology-person relationship is not only useful and profitable for the business but also for the customer. At this point lies the success of the future relationship: mutual benefit.

Successful brands in the digital age agree that the consistency of the brand experience both offline and online promotes customer loyalty.

The increasingly interesting features of artificial intelligence, virtual assistants, virtual and augmented reality will be of great use to offer customers a universe of options when it comes to seeing themselves in them. In addition to similar products, or complements with which to combine the position (a mixture of Big data and analytics in the back-end of the intelligence of the brands) they will be able to make that instead of the client adapting to the product, the product adapting to each client.

It will begin to be common to feel a system that allows direct interaction between customer and technology to define the ideal type of product for each person profile. While there is a lot of talk about the user or consumer experience, their i [customer journey] i, the brand experience, few companies currently put it into practice successfully.

Well-used technology can be incredibly profitable. But creating customer experiences cannot rely solely on it. Everyone wants to know their clients better, their tastes, habits, customs, profile, so one-on-one, giving each client what each client is looking for or needs is a great step forward. This is not new, since the successful retailer of yesteryear leveraged much of its success on the thorough knowledge of its customers. What happens today is that the scales are so astronomical, the rotations so fast, and the speed so blistering, that new technologies can collaborate imperiously in making this new era an excellent era for all participants.

It is essential to work on building a system that generates trust and enhances the brand-channels-customer relationship to take it to the next level. In this exciting present the devices and the data that is generated, intelligently used, will help to better know and understand the needs of the people, even, in many cases, create them.

I tell you, in confidence, that this article was written in June 2014. The future of brands is always today. Although sometimes today comes less quickly than expected.

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