Writing a third book has advantages. You learn to better manage ‘no time’; you find minutes where there are none. The process is enriching, at times painful, at other times mind-blowing. Creation is that space where fear and illusion coexist, insecurity with trust, and passion with commitment and responsibility. It is to think with another gaze, to observe with a different mentality.

The future of brands

For thousands of years a TOTEM has been an icon that unites and inspires people. Ancient clans and modern tribes are connected through TOTEMS. Curiously, our ancestors from more than 116 centuries ago suffered from climate change, but they were also the first to discover and value TOTEMS. Not as mere natural or decorative elements, but as creations and constructions that strengthened and united the group. The TOTEM had a prominent place and everything revolved around the TOTEM.

Thousands of years later, to this day, the new TOTEMS are no longer as they were then, but they do maintain the most outstanding aspects of their symbolism, meaning and essence: for many they have a protective and adoration value. Modern TOTEMS are in the cities, in the countryside, on the streets, on TV, on social networks, they are everywhere and have a new name. brands. Given the notable absence of leaders and referents, TOTEMS have found an unexpected space in the existential vacuum of post-modern society. Even the new social construction has fallen on them, and not accidentally. Postmodern tribes no longer just follow brands but join them. The brands are the TOTEMS around which we gather to celebrate, to share, to enjoy, to recommend, to experiment, to learn, etc.

Many companies today are worth more for their brands than for the other tangible assets that were always taken into account.

And this trend is going to be accentuated more and more. A TOTEM is consistent. It connects with people, it makes them part of its history. The digital transformation in the business environment demands creating a new organizational culture where people believe in the reason for the existence of TOTEM because it transcends the merely monetary, makes people’s lives better. And so he makes money; and not the other way around.

We are entering a new era in which brands are more aware than ever, they are loaded with contributions from believers who embrace significant change and who are committed to living on purpose, raising awareness, making money. And ultimately, save the world.

Reflecting these concerns, TOTEM was born.

One of my purposes with this book, my third after “BrandOffOn” and “HumanOffOn”, continues to be to examine and share the irreversible process of change and evolution for brands in the Digital Age. And how to assume and assimilate the transformation at all levels of the professional life of the citizen of the 21st century. From a practical point of view, more and more companies and people are aware of the effects, challenges and opportunities of the digital age in their day to day. And the path to totemization is irreversible. But building a relevant and meaningful TOTEM is not an easy task. You can no longer speculate that lightning creates a figure in a tree or that the wind carves the stone or that fire creates a new element. Today TOTEMS are born from the vision of a leader, a group of people, from the work of designers, architects, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs and philosophers. Creating and building a TOTEM with a sense of connection, pride and belonging is at the center of everything that the outstanding companies of the digital age are doing.

The fascinating thing about TOTEM is that it is practically read, pronounced and understood the same in almost all the world. It is an icon that has transcended fashions, wars, cataclysms and all social, economic and cultural transformations. It summarizes and represents what Branding is: making the intangible tangible; the purpose, the values, the trust, the essence, the belief, the feeling, the doing, the vision, the mission; and all with a method.

Modern TOTEMS are more than present in our lives, we gather around them to celebrate, to transform, to lead, to share, to co-create, to do, to feel, to believe and to create. In the future, the true wealth of a nation will not be underground; It will not be oil, gas, gold or lithium. True wealth is found in the creative minds of its people and its ability to create and innovate. In creating environments open to innovation, new ideas, permeable to change, investing in the potential of their young people without forgetting the rich experience of their elders.

Post-modern society has adopted TOTEMS because each individual that makes it up is represented by one of them.

Individuals, in many cases, are defined by the brands they choose and many others do not conceive of their world without the presence of their TOTEMS. Brands shape our relationship with the world and for brands this implies a great opportunity, but at the same time a greater responsibility. Believers mobilize when brands compromise. And the examples in which TOTEMS inspire change do not stop growing. Furthermore, we are witness to the growth and development of companies that incorporate in their production and business model the goal of being more sustainable.

Leadership, teams, values, ethics, sustainability, commitment, environment, benefits, impact, new technologies, believers, women, experience, love, diversity, our future.

I hope that when you have finished reading the book, you feel that your time has been well spent. Not because I have made you sit down and expand your knowledge and awareness about the impact of TOTEMS in this new society, but because you can also do it. And if you were already doing it to make it better because I will have shared with you a set of ideas, visions, thoughts, keys and simple application tools for this complex world. Reading TOTEM will help you have a broader general idea about this new era for brands and will sharpen your sense of how our society works, without you having to know or learn all the details. I cannot tell you more, but if you decide to take the step and join TOTEM, you will not be reading a book, you will be taking a leap into this new decade, into this new era, you will be sharing this initiative to achieve a more humane society and a better world, of all and for all. 

Welcome to the TOTEM era

TOTEM awakened a new awareness in me, shook me from digital anesthesia and pushed me to reflections that are as necessary as they cannot be postponed for the world of brands; for the world.

While the urgent will continue to be urgent, the important needs to occupy an essential space in our society. Let’s make this time a reflection space, a space to wake up and above all to do.

The present and the future needs all and each and every one of us, so that the journey towards the human is between all of us and built together. Not for us to be together, but for us to do something together: to make the world a better place.

And TOTEM came to contribute to that.

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