I have always believed that when you start something you must have a big dream that you must approach step by step. The distance between what you are and what you want to be is what you do.

TOTEM Live was born without a clear purpose. This was discovering it during the way. The purpose was manifesting itself almost spontaneously: Society needs transformation and transformation needs leadership. In TOTEM Live season 1 we wanted to bring people closer to a generation of leaders unmatched.

And if I am not mistaken, we have never witnessed a constellation of such inspiring leaders, transformers and doers in the same space. The true value was in them, in their vision and their generosity to share it and of course in all the people who accompanied us during these 70 chapters.

When we started chapter 1 on March 23, 2020, we didn’t even dream that the last chapter, on June 8, 2020, would be 70.

During these 70 chapters we have achieved, together, +5,600 hours viewed, +36,000 reproductions and + 350,000 impressions.

We are all Netflix, eventually

There has never been a better time than this to be a spectator, reader, listener, or observer of human creativity. An almost infinite torrent of videos, books, music, movies, games, applications and interactive multimedia creations multiplies in front of us. Every second something new comes up, something else. Each year, the volume grows and improves diversity and ease of access.

Since the emergence of the Digital Age, this thought by Socrates has accompanied me as a header phrase, “the secret of change is to focus your energy, not on fighting against the old, but on building the new”

We talk a lot about how much we did and do

During these 70 chapters, from Season 1, we talk about: Marketing. Branding. Design. Sport. Innovation. Creativity. Movie theater. Culture. Sustainability. Persons. Talent. Communication. Leadership. Social responsability. Digital transformation. Wine. Woman. Empowerment. Omni-channel. Diversity. Entrepreneurship. Reinvention. Studies. Learning. Wisdom. Tourism. Fashion. Music. Literature. Startups. Mentality. Advertising. Esports. Magic. Delusion. Destinations. Gig Economy. Mobility. Travels. SMEs. Architecture. Spaces. Education. Training. Philanthropy. Social impact. Philosophy. Connected cities. Basketball. Soccer. Fencing. Economy. Retail. Real Estate. Environment. Gastronomy. Higher education. Real estate. Hospitality. Technology. NGO. ODS. Businessmen. Community. Brands. Future. Life.

The more the ability to attract, gather and capture attention increases, the more demand there will be for a more interesting, intelligent and attractive way to invest our time in this overabundance. Developing attention-grabbing strategies to prevail in this exciting battle that is ongoing will require much more than money, money and tools. It will also need a new field of behavioral action that is lived in real time and where every second counts. And above all, coherence, trust, consistency and consistency in its content.

Everything is connected. Everyone too.

Conversations shared with a passionate audience that accompanied us from: Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, United States, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, South Africa, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Paraguay, Portugal, Great Britain, Uruguay, Costa Rica , Sweden, Germany, Cuba, Italy, Puerto Rico and El Salvador. 96% people between 25 and 55 years old. Who connected from: Mobile 55%, computer 37%, TV 4%, Tablet 4%

The most important message right now is that the consumer-customer-user has to realize how valuable their attention is to brands. That he should not give it away, nor waste it, but learn to manage it and direct it to put it in value. If brands are interested in monetizing care, which is valid as well as necessary, they should think about what they will offer in return. Something that truly offers value to the audience.

From chasing transactions to consolidating relationships

We have not been able to measure it yet, but surely the data on talent, generosity, solidarity, love, inspiration, motivation, empathy and commitment have broken all records.

With TOTEM Live we wanted to give people a space to avoid problems and connect with opportunities. And thanks to fabulous people, like you, who gave their precious time to talk and inspire and to a loyal audience who gave us their valuable time to share, we got it.

We can only thank you infinitely.

Thank you very much for sharing your time, knowledge, inspiration, talent, humanity and good vibes in the 1st Season of TOTEM Live.

In this increasingly widespread market that is taking shape, what begins to emerge is the need for an answer to this question: What should I pay attention to?

It is in this response that the new “care managers” will have to focus their work. Very hard work and essential for the survival of the new global entertainment machinery. What seemed unimportant is. What seemed to have no value is: Generosity, quality, talent, inspiration, leadership, love, humanism, empathy, emotional connection

You have to accept it, care is the foundation of new wealth in this digital economy.

Branding is what they say about you

“A celebration of ideas, a meeting for posterity.”

“Thank you Andy Stalman for letting me participate in this wonderful experience. We are a tribe of believers that a better future is possible. God creates us, and Andy brings us together. Thank you very much.”

“When everything was gray, the present looked black, it was cloudy when you appeared with the Totem Live to give Light, clarity and energy. I guess it wasn’t easy but your strength did it. Enlightenment in the form of ideas and knowledge. Some of us accompany you, enjoy you and take advantage of the gift you gave us together with your community of guests. ”

“What a pleasure to meet again in this very special chapter, what a wonderful audience and what an honor to be part of this community that grows on both sides of the screen. Totem love forever. ”

The Economist chose it as one of the 10 most important actions of companies in the real estate sector. And in other publications, it was chosen, along with consolidated media, as one of the best contents during the quarantine.

And fabulous comments on YouTube or on Twitter or Instagram. Some like: “Thank you for sharing so much knowledge of so many approaches, key to transforming quarantine by creatively growing as humanity”, or “Thank you for that sea of ​​knowledge, Andy, a great professional and moderator. The luxury guests! ”, Or“ This last chapter Andy has been very exciting! Looking forward to attending the second season with surprises for everyone! ” or “They have been an Inspiration!” or “Come back, don’t forget us, because they have already generated a connection”, and so many other fabulous ones plagued with affection and recognition.

From Live to Love

Without a doubt, we are left with the idea that a better society, a better world, is possible.

Maybe instead of calling it TOTEM Live, for all we have lived we should call it TOTEM Love.

I say goodbye with this reflection by Isaac Newton “If I have seen further it is because I am sitting on the shoulders of giants”. Intense season 1 of group wisdom in the TOTEM Live. After COVID-19, society needs transformation and transformation needs leadership. In these TOTEM Live we have witnessed a generation of leaders without parallel. And we are both grateful and proud of it.

And if my memory serves me right, there has never been such a gathering of inspiring and transformational leaders like this in one place. I still believe it’s a dream.

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