If there is one player in the world who should never be considered dead, it is Rafael Nadal. His attitude is above all that of never giving up. His tolerance to frustration, his rebelliousness in the face of adversity, his tenacity, his discipline to respect strategy throughout the match (…) define him as one of the professional athletes with the best attitude we have ever seen.

The Australian Open final was a great metaphor for him. He starts off losing. He recovers. He motivates. He motivates the crowd. He clenches his fist with every goal he gets. He wipes his sweat. He runs them all, he doesn’t give any of them up for lost. He unsettles the opponent, he defeats him psychologically. He lifts the public from their chairs. He never loses respect, nor the forms. He never loses the will to win.

Rafa represents for many people the ideal athlete of the 21st century. He is hard-working, successful, humble, loved and respected, a good teammate, disciplined and very charismatic when it comes to playing.

Is it too far-fetched to ask schools to show Rafa Nadal’s matches, his mental strength, his ability to win, his chivalry, his elegance in defeat, his inexhaustible energy, the way he faces problems, and how he overcomes them, his grit?

Learning not to give up, to master fear, to defy the “can’t do”, not to give up, and to believe to infinity. Preparation and determination.
Rafael Nadal has won a memorable match.

This 21st Grand Slam title explains why he is, to this day, the best in history.

Legends, myths and stories are forged in the details. Rafa is the only player on the men’s circuit to have won 21 Grand Slam titles, but with Rafa Nadal Spain continues to have an ambassador of values that does not understand flags or borders.

He trains more than any other, even though he has already won everything, everything. He consoles his rivals and treats them with respect. He never thinks he is the best, even though he is the best in history. I don’t know another player with such an attitude. Talent and humility, a great combination.

Believing that something is possible is the first step to make it happen. Believing in yourself when almost no one, not even machines, still believe. Believe is always

Rafa not only challenges the unthinkable, but also technology, when he decides to turn data, AI and technology prediction on its head. Rafael Nadal making good on the 4% that #BigData and #IA gave him in the WinPredictor. All the data driven strategies flying through the air. The human, still, continues to outperform the machine.

And speaking of the human behind every machine, artificial intelligence and data: “Being good people is worth more than any title” said Rafa Nadal; great on and off the court.

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