Andy Stalman is considered one of the world’s leading brand experts. With more than 25 years of experience, he has developed projects on five continents.
His talent and charisma as well as his work and influence in the world of brands have led Andy to be known globally as “Mr. Branding”. With a magnetic personality he has positioned himself in leadership positions since his youth.

He has a degree in International Relations from the University of Belgrano and a BA in Journalism from the Universidad Católica Argentina, both of Buenos Aires. He did Advanced Communication Studies at the University of Saint Joseph, Philadelphia, USA and is specialized in Marketing Direction from the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

He has held prominent C level positions in Lacoste, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 and in Multimedios América. He is currently co-founder and CEO of TOTEM Branding, one of the most reputable Branding companies in the world.

He is the Director of the “Brandoffon Master” and guest professor in prestigious business schools and consultant for companies around the world. Andy is a regular speaker at conferences, companies and events both in Spain and in other countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa, in addition to being considered one of the “100 best speakers in Spain” according to the prestigious consultant Thinking Heads. He is also a member of the advisory council of the World Football Summit, and non-executive director on several boards of prominent companies. Winner of the “Purpose” award at the Honest Awards for “honesty with users”. Academic Excellence Award and “Branding Giant” of the IE Business School. Responsible for the III International Module “Andy Stalman Chair” at the Pilot University of Colombia. Diploma of the “International Digital Business Seminar” at RCC-Harvard. Visiting professor at Elisava University School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona, the Antonio de Nebrija University, the University of Alcalá de Henares, the University of Barcelona, Creanavarra, the University of Alicante, among others. Visiting professor of postgraduate degrees in Communication at the University of Piura, Peru. Visiting professor at CESA, Colombia. Panamerican Business School, Guatemala. IAE Summit 40 years old, Argentina. ITE (Institute of Technical Education), Singapore, Universidad Tecmilenio, Mexico. EAN Colombia University, Technological University of Peru and MDA Latam University. Advisory Director to the INTA (International Trademark Association) Board. Member of the Committee of Experts of the AER (Spanish Retail Association). Advisory Board Member of the WFS (World Football Summit).

Andy is the author of three best sellers: “BrandOffOn. The Branding of the Future“, considered one of the most influential books of the 21st century, which has been more than 300 weeks among Amazon’s best sellers and is in its 11th edition. And” HumanOffOn: Is the Internet changing us as human beings? “, already for its 4th edition, one of the essential books to understand the present and the future of the digitalized society. In 2020 he published his third solo book: “TOTEM. Transforming customers into believers.” already in its 5th edition and one of the best-selling books since its launch and the first book on brands and companies of the new post-covid-19 era.

His blog has been awarded as the Best Marketing Blog in Spain in the category ‘Annual Top Blogs Marketing Award’; and has received more than four million visitors. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Shopping Centers (AECC). Elected jury of the Cannes Lions Festival. He has written more than 200 articles related to branding, marketing, cultural and digital transformation, the impact of technologies or the future of companies and society. Co-author of “Digital natives do not exist” published by Deusto in 2017 and of ”The colours of knowledge: A vision of human wisdom ’’ (2013), ‘‘Barcelona: World Capital of Soccer ’’ (2012) and ‘‘Vicente del Bosque: The complete Spanish Leader ’’ (2012).