Finally, companies are beginning to assume that Branding is beginning to fulfill a transformative mission. Branding is very powerful because it goes beyond the creation or construction of brands; It’s about who we are It’s about people. Companies are people, brands are people, customers are people and, “who does not understand people, does not understand business.”

Brands, which already have a relevant role in our lives, could not be oblivious to this “new world”; precisely because they have been part of its construction.

For them, as for most people, this new unknown world opens up a range of threats as well as opportunities. But a good brand, one that has soul, heart and content, is genuine, brave and agile, has a universe of opportunities that until recently did not appear on any map.

Brands that change realities and paradigms

Companies like TOTEM branding are transforming the brands of yesterday and today for tomorrow’s businesses, customers and consumers. Fusing innovation in branding, design and communication, investing in people and collaborating with courageous companies that challenge the status quo.

We are living an unprecedented change of era that is transforming our ecosystem and with it all the companies and brands in our environment. In this new scenario, products can no longer be limited to fulfilling only their role of differentiation and value creation, but, in addition, they have to connect and interact with their audiences, collaborating in the construction of a more just society.

Branding is a map for a new territory that explores the nerve centers of this new reality. Inspired by anthropology, sociology, psychology and even philosophy that reveal fundamental aspects to develop an innovative and more efficient branding from human understanding.

Digital as a means and not as an end

The Internet is transforming (almost) every aspect of our lives, but the fundamentals of Branding remain the same.

More than three decades after the appearance of the Internet, we are still in a time of discovery of the digital and of re-discovery of the person.

Putting the customer back at the center of the brand’s attention is as old as it is current and necessary. For this reason, rather than technology, brands should focus more on psychology, sociology and anthropology. In relearning something old: the customer at the center of attention.

Technology is the new enabler, but creatives, those who generate the content, those who know how to tell good stories are still essential. Technologies, in general, will be available to everyone and will not be a differential factor, what each brand does with them and how they do it.

A manifesto for the brands of the future

Good Branding cares about the problems of society, knowing that it cannot give them up even if it cannot solve them.

The construction of a good Branding is much more in the hands of the facts than in those of the convictions.

Good Branding is not a matter of telling and being told, but an active and constructive process.

Branding is essential for the life of your company.

Branding must be something that evolves, that is in motion.


There cannot be brands without substance: culture, purpose, values…

From a good Branding everything can be formed.

The brands that have marked an era in human history have been those that led, at all costs.

All brands that innovate or disrupt are seen as crazy.

The new world is the world of ideas, which contain the ideal forms of everything that exists and of what will exist. 

There has never been an era when there was no movement, change, transformation.

All existing theories and ideas can, and should, be challenged.

Branding does not advance by becoming more rigorous but more imaginative.

Good Branding is immortal, the rest is perishable.

People as an end and not as a means

Branding is still the same as always, but like never before.

Technology gives power, but only by connecting with people do you get benefits.

Understanding people, listening to them, caring for them, making them feel special, important, is key in the process of seduction, conversion, loyalty and finally relationship.

Human beings are the only species capable of sharing knowledge. Internet removes barriers and brings the possibility of sharing such knowledge not only for commercial purposes. Not everyone is looking for immediate novelty, which in some cases is fleeting.

The exchange, no longer of goods and services, but of experiences, has allowed the less developed world to have access to things that were unthinkable a few years ago. The Internet, well used, brings progress and access to a large part of humanity.

Man, as a species, has advanced because he is cooperative in essence. Although this era has a stamp of selfishness, collaboration always prevails.

Humanity continues to move towards a future of unprecedented technological evolution.

But we must not forget that behind all the technological advances and developments there is still the person.

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