Until now education has been a training of the memory, the teacher transmitted encyclopaedic knowledge and the students memorised and repeated. Our educational system is still based on memorizing, but not on understanding, learning, reasoning. Appealing to memory as a system is definitely out of fashion today.

This worked in times when changes in knowledge came very slowly. The teacher was efficient in his work. Knowledge was almost static. It remained in time.

But now that has changed. Changes are occurring at such a speed that it is impossible to continue to base education on memory because by the time students have finished memorizing, the information is already forgotten.

That is why today the focus of education should be on educating intelligence, on empowering talent.

Creating people capable of living the new things that will appear day by day.

To create new worlds, to imagine them, to make them, to build them. To be able to respond spontaneously to these new realities. To create them.

Encyclopaedic knowledge is not enough to educate the people of the future.

But how does one educate intelligence?

Intelligence is educated by encouraging the student’s critical thinking. Motivating doubt and questions, helping to “open eyes and minds” instead of handing out instruction manuals.

To educate is to promote more intelligent people, people capable of reaching their own conclusions. To think for themselves.

Education has to motivate to question things, ideas, attitudes, beliefs, and everything that can no longer serve the growth of man. And change it.

To encourage thinking is to educate intelligence. The creativity of young people must be encouraged, not stifled. A new model that invests in fostering intelligence will be able to respond to the new realities that the world poses today and that the future will demand tomorrow.

Knowledge, not information, is of course the fundamental basis, the means.

But true education has to teach us the ways of the heart, which are none other than those that lead us to ourselves, the famous “know thyself” of Socrates. Socrates’ famous “know thyself”: Who am I? What do I feel? What do I think? Who do I want to be? When you align what you are, with what you feel, with what you think, you are a full being.

It is this type of education that is so forgotten and undervalued that today our young people are so lost. Migrating from one university to another, getting frustrated, looking for someone they don’t know yet: themselves. Many times, motivated by economic speculation, respectability, prestige, family and social pressures, they choose the wrong career.

Good education should be a path to their happiness and to themselves.

It is not easy to create plans for a future that is still unknown, but that is the great issue that summons us. We do not need more data but a new mentality. A new mentality. There is one certainty, one piece of evidence: countries that do not invest in the future (in children, in young people) will not have many options when that future arrives.

Continuing to promote a new way of learning is a commitment to future generations. Creating a better society is possible. Everything begins and ends in education.

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