I am more about beginnings than endings. Endings generate tears in me. Not all of them, of course, some endings are to celebrate. But all beginnings are exciting. There are expectations, tingles, some nerves, hope. There are only a few days left for the year 2022 to begin.It will be a year that will begin on a Saturday according to the Gregorian calendar. It will also be the number 2022 anno Domini or of the designation of the Christian era, as well as the twenty-second year of the twenty-first century and of the third millennium. The third year of the decade of the 2020s and the second year of the 3rd decade of the 21st century. The Year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese horoscope.

I have been in Spain for almost 20 years and I am still not used to the cold start of the year. The beginning of a new year was always on the beach, in leaflets, with heat and humidity; quite different. This one is neither better nor worse, just different. And the snow, the lights and the cold have their magic touch too.

The year 2022 begins and it wants to tell us something: Ciao to the individualism of 1; hello to the era of 2!
Two of sharing, of collaborating, of adding up. It is an unsexy number, almost nobody chooses the 2 when you ask them to choose a number from 1 to 10.

The 2 is essential to escape from loneliness, to share love, a kiss, or a hug. It is the number of solidarity, generosity, gratitude, addition and multiplication.
Two is the key to a good conversation, to cross deep looks, to lean on someone or for that someone to lean on you. Two is powerful, not sexy, but powerful. The two tells us clearly that we can no longer be alone, selfish, individualistic. Two reminds us of the importance and relevance of the other.

The one serves to begin, but the two is key to move forward. A new lap around the sun begins. It is estimated that the Earth has already circled the sun 4.47 billion times. I’ve been around 52.
And yet, each lap has been an extraordinary journey of learning, experiences, dreams, projects, falls, pain, pains, encounters, discoveries, hugs and love.

The year 2022 is about to begin. And so that the 2 does not go unnoticed in this 2022, it is repeated three times. And the zero, mute, highlights the two even more. Before closing the year 2021, I wanted to wish you an extraordinary year 2022. A year full of health, well-being, projects and dreams fulfilled.
Wishing you to value and enjoy the company of others. We take for granted, perhaps wrongly, that others will always be there, and we have learned that this is not so. Here’s to more hugs, more shared moments, less screens and more face-to-face, more joys and more beginnings. Here’s to new and vibrant beginnings, cheers.

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