Andy Stalman

Andy Stalman is one of the best specialists in Branding in the world. He has talent and charisma, and has been regarded as “Mr. Branding” in several countries… See more 


Branding in the 21st century will not be necessary, but inevitable. Essential reading for all those brands who have understood that we are no longer in an Era of change, but in a change of Era. See more

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  • “Andy Stalman is a writer, lecturer, entrepreneur and university professor, current and future branding is not understood without his theoretical and practical work across the world.”

  • “Also known as Mr. Branding, for his skill in positioning brands in the global market”

  • With its 190 pages, BrandOffOn is an interesting reflection for professionals on aspects which, as novel, are still unexplored academically.

    Vicente Lozano
    El Mundo
  • “A great communicator who emphasizes on creativity and innovation”. “Professor at several universities on both sides of the Atlantic, Brand Design expert and cofounder and general manager of TOTEM Branding”

    El País
  • “Probably the person who knows most about Branding in the Hispanic world.”

    Roger Domingo
    Director Editorial Deusto/Gestion 2000/Alienta/Para Dummies
  • “Probably the more relevant Branding book in spanish of the XXI century.”

    IE Alumni
    IE Business School
  • “Brandoffon is the evidence that beyond the mediums we use to connect together, the real channel of communication is and will remain the human being. Andy Stalman in this book confirms that the future is already here. An indispensable contribution to the world of branding.”

    Marcelo Ghio
    Autor de "Oxitobrands: marcas humanas para un mercado emocional"
  • “Andy Stalman is the Winston Churchill of Marketing. The day there is a Hall of Fame for marketing phrases, the building that hosts the will bears his name.”

    Risto Mejide
    Publicista y escritor
  • “Brandoffon will be be of great interest to anyone who wants to keep learning about the world of creating and managing brands in a competitive and exciting environment like the present. It is essential to read, enjoy and understand the guidelines Stalman gives about branding in the XXI century for our brands to reach the top.”

    Gonzalo Brujó
    Chairman Latin America & Iberia Interbrand
  • “Brandoffon is a hopeful, helpful text about the wonderful possibilities before us in this Digital Age.  Andy Stalman writes as an evangelist on a mission to get his readers to embrace the creativity, imagination, learning, and commitment that is required for brand success today.  Read this book to learn why and how to engage in the ongoing brand revolution.”

    Denise Lee Yohn
    Author "What Great Brands do"
  • “Andy Stalman skillfully uses in BrandOffOn a mixture of psychology, anthropology, sociology and philosophy to answer the question: what makes a brand successful in the digital age? An era where word of mouth is not just local, but global.”

    Erik Qualman
    Autor nominado al Premio Pulitzer
  • “How we think about brands in the 21st century is the subject of this book, and the lifelong passion of its author, Andy Stalman. Stalman is a unique and prescient thinker on the future of marketing, especially in the context of the emerging Hispanic digital market.”

    Mike Walsh
    Futurist Speaker