Earlier this year, President Trump said in an interview with ABC: “What I’m doing is good for the United States, it’s going to be good for Mexico too, we want to have a very stable and very solid Mexico.” Trump was referring to the wall, but seeing what this has generated has changed my focus. Never before in the modern history of Mexico has anyone done more for the Mexico brand than Donald Trump. What Trump generated in defense of the interests of the United States, has become a true – and unexpected – brand strategy country for the Mexicans.

For some weeks Mexico is on everyone’s lips. The wall is mentioned as a trigger for the talks, but issues such as identity, culture, pride and country Branding have emerged. Carlos Slim said that “this national unity is the most surprising thing I have ever seen in my life.” Slim just wanted to thank “negotiator” Donald Trump.

Capturing the attention of people is without a doubt the fundamental objective of every brand, which is why attention represents a value in itself because in this increasingly connected world it becomes more complicated to attract the attention of customers. Obviously thanks to Trump, Mexico has succeeded. “One of the things to thank Trump is that the world now knows where Mexico is,” said Javier Oliva, a security and academic expert at the London School of Economics.

Trump, the twitter President, has realized that connectivity has reached ubiquity. The battlefield to gain attention takes place today in the networks and to get it is fought with an army: the contents. To gain attention, one must stop copying other formulas and move on to attack: opt for creativity and innovation and use experiences as a means and personalization as an end. What no one anticipated was for the wall to become a bridge. The initial rage that initially generated the decisions of Donald Trump were transformed into pride and sense of belonging of the Mexicans. Brands like Corona or Aeroméxico have reacted with admirable speed to the challenge, appealing to feel not only Mexican but Latin American and global. Raising a voice that precedes the union to the division, the encounter to the borders and that raises the diversity as wealth.

The truth is that you feel a new vibe coming from Mexico. A vibration that someone from “outside” has awakened, that raises the voice in favor of a culture, a society, a country. There is a mobilization in favor of Mexico that transcends the Mexican territory to settle all over the world.

In the world of brands the struggle for attention is really a battle to conquer people’s time, and this time is neither more nor less than business. Attention is the priority currency for brands.

Winston Churchill, one of the greatest statesmen of all time, said that “an optimist sees opportunity in every calamity, a pessimist sees a calamity at every opportunity.” The first time we heard about the wall project, we saw how a calamity would fall on the country, but as time passed, the opportunities that emerged non-stop dissolved our fear.

Hecho en México.

mexico 1

A clear example of this was the decision of the Mexican president who, accompanied by the leaders of the Business Coordinating Council and Concamin, spearheaded the re-launch of the “Made in Mexico” brand, which includes a promotional campaign and actions to promote its grant. In addition to announcing measures to generate greater economic competitiveness for the benefit of domestic and foreign companies. Why was not this done before? Perhaps because the most unexpected help comes from the least expected.

The Country Brand Index Latin America 2013 placed Mexico as the country’s brand in sixth place below Peru and Chile, while Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica occupied the first three places as a country brand within the region. In the last Ranking (2015/16) Mexico ascended three positions to place on the podium just behind Brazil and Argentina.

Although this connected world sees alarmed as foreign policies are being reconfigured, and an embryo of the new world dis-order emerges, not all problems are calamities. But many times they present themselves as opportunities in disguise.

In short, the country brand represents an identity and this frames all the objectives that arise within a plan. Mexico does not need to artificially create its own style because it already has it and is very authentic. What must be raised today is to position its name in the market, consolidating a reputation and generating recognition from its own unique characteristics. Thinking about whether it wants to be seen as a “victim” of Trump or as a proud, strong and united country.

As a goal for the coming months building the reputation of the country brand should be to ensure that clear and defined objectives are being implemented and that strategic communication is aligned with them. My wish is that this wonderful, admired and beloved country that is Mexico can take this opportunity to be in the focus of attention of people and transform it into value. And that the specific strategic objective evolves towards a global vision accompanied by the union of all mexicans.

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