This is my TEDx Almendra Medieval talk. I was very excited about preparing it and I’m much more excited now that I get to share it with you. Have a good trip!:

Welcome to this world that changed. Everyone that is here today is a protagonist and a spectator of that change, and no one is indifferent to it. We all know the world has changed. New technologies and Internet, specially, have changed it all.

And among the many changes, technology has changed the concept of time and space.

How has the concept of space changed? Internet has made distances disappear. Today we are near the faraway. Today we are here in Vitoria and there are people in other latitudes that are watching us and sharing with us, in real time. What we used to know as distance has changed its meaning. Someone who is not here today may be here. Everything is connected. Internet glued the world back again like a new Pangaea, that super continent that united the whole Earth.

How has time changed? Today, time has a name: the instantaneous. Information, data, knowledge, advances, catastrophes, everything happens and reaches us instantly. Throughout most of the 20th century, the lack of information made atrocities and tragedies not voiced, and man did not know what was happening. One of the biggest contributions of the new century is that we know what is happening. And knowing cannot leave you indifferent. The access to information has changed, and so has our responsibility, because now each one of us is a voice. Today, if we don’t want to find out about something, it’s practically impossible. If there’s something we don’t find out about, it’s because someone very powerful is covering it up, but only momentarily. Today there are no excuses to not getting involved. You cannot say, “I didn’t know” anymore, the digital has erased that excuse forever.

In this 21st century we are one click away of being informed, of learning languages, of buying something, we are a click away of sharing, we are a click away from everything.

This is not an age of change; it is a change of age.

We have already come to terms with the idea that the technological change has already happened. Now it’s our turn to come to terms with the human change. Changes are like tsunamis. But once we are in them, they allow us to open doors. Break down walls. Build bridges. Bring people together.

It’s true that change is born out of discovering something new, and that new thing is like an avalanche that sweeps everything away. It destroys everything in its path, specially all the old structures.

The big change we have now in front of us is to put the human in the centre. Gods, science, technology, smartphones have already been in our centre; now it’s time to place the human back in the centre.

Science is always one step ahead of discovery and the generation of change. Science is the forerunner. All the other aspects of our world inevitably change. As the concepts of space and time are changing now, the real change this new age of human evolution is asking for is human change.

To the excitement and the fascination I get when I see the exploration of the space or the sea depths, the advances in medicine and biology, the leaps in science and physics, and in so many other areas of our life, we have to add the need to know how to build our shared future.

My focus -and many others’- is to avoid becoming robotized, that we wake up from the anaesthesia, and we recuperate and recognize the human in the offline and the online

Mankind has the responsibility of evolving to be on a par with our technological progress. Because if we don’t do that, we will be part of an imbalance in the immediate future.

And the big message, the big call is that We are all part of this change. We are all part of this task. Change generates from all types of areas: artistic, cultural, educational, work… Each and every one of us is part of the construction of that change.

Instead of being afraid what we need is to be organized. What do we need to generate that change? What tools do we count with?

There are no distances.

We are all connected.

Time doesn’t exist.

We all have a voice.

The world is huge and diverse. Diversity is a value. Something that did not happen in the 20th century, when diversity led us to conflicts, fighting, wars that lacked any humanity. In the 21st century, diversity is a value, not an obstacle. Our differences enrich us and each one can contribute in some way. Everything can be connected, everything can be unified. The unifying trend is key in this century. Everything that was divided before tends to be unified today: WE ARE ALL PART OF THIS GLOBAL CHANGE.

The world that you do not build yourself with your effort, the one in which you do not get involved, will be built by others. Nobody is waiting for you, you are the one who has to get involved and make your presence count. If you want to change something you must make a commitment. You can get involved wherever you are. You can contribute wherever you are. There’s no size too small. Everyone who didn’t have a voice now has it.


my plan 2

This human change needs to move forward fast. For that we have to get involved, get committed. Wake up from our digital slumber, from our drowsiness and our anesthetized lives and spread our wings of sensibility and creative energy.

All the aspects of communication have changed. Today I can hear your voice, know your ideas, understand your needs. Human change is born from knowing and understanding needs. Need is ultimately the mother of innovation. The time has come to get involved, to give a voice to that need, to communicate it. Your presence here today has to do with your responsibility of getting involved, of being part of the change. When we are all part of the change, we will live in a world for everybody.

And then a new question comes up. How are we going to generate that change?

We were taught since we were little to follow rules and to adhere to moulds and structures. We were taught to look at the same, in the same way and we were not encouraged to use our creative ability, rather the opposite. We have been educated in exactly the opposite way this new time demands of us. This new time is crying out for CREATIVITY.

In order to create something new we need to use a creative process based on our collective intelligence. In order to know something the first thing you need to do is to immerse yourself in a process which is inherent to human beings which consists of:

Dividing to know. And understanding to put it back together.

Starting by looking at the whole in its current state and going through all its components, dissecting them little by little. You need to see what it’s made of: Its values, its people, its history, its philosophy, its problems, its strengths, its economy, its repercussions, its traditions, its blocks, its culture, etc. In this process you have to tear everything apart to be able to understand he mechanism in full, and thus, discover the reason of its failures and where the solutions that may make it grow better, may be.

Knowing each part and understanding them is what helps you to solve its problems and make it evolve.

Then comes the moment of putting it all back together, but this time in a different way. During that process of understanding each part, you will have been able to discover not just the flaws and the parts you will have to discard, but also those hidden potentials that nobody saw, which were there all the time, and which can provide great value to the whole.

Therefore, in this process of putting everything back together, something new takes form. And this is what it means to be creative. Creativity mainly requires he capacity to observe with a different eye, because the goal of every creative act is to put together.

And this is what I do more or less in my work every day. At another scale, in companies, organizations, cities. We always find the solutions inside the problem. That is why the ability to look with a different eye allows you to identify the solution inside the problem. To make the difficult easy.

When these two opposite forces -dividing and putting back together- are performed consciously, they always generate something new. That is the reason why the creative process has become a valuable method to encourage human beings to first reach an understanding of how things work through knowledge, and then to mix it all again and put all back together in a more creative way. And in that creativity there’s an essential component called trust.

Everybody who thinks that changing the world for the better is not impossible IS SUMMONED UP TO DO IT. And those who don’t are of course free to continue doing their thing. Those who add value are welcome, no matter their origin, sex, age, their everything, what is valuable is your commitment, your creativity, your voice. We are not far anymore, we are not alone anymore, and we are not mute anymore.

When a generation does not succeed in surpassing the previous generation, evolution does not stop, it goes backwards.

We are all part of the construction of this global world, which needs to be for all and include each one. And for that whole to include all the parts, either a new brand model or a new version of the world, it’s necessary that it is a reflection of all of us.

Each one from their own jobs and their own modest place must contribute to build this century of the “AND” and make it replace the century of the “OR” that we are coming from. With a “Shake it! Mix it!” done with a lot of energy and much more bravery, to reach from the human perspective, the evolution that technology has driven us to make.

We have managed to connect the invisible with the visible, the online with the offline, the intangible with the tangible, silence with sounds, reason with emotion, knowledge with the void, now it has become essential to learn to live between two worlds: the offline and the online. And don’t ever let any of your worlds engulf you completely; combine them, blend them, shake them, mix them, enrich them, but don’t ever let any of them take control, because you belong to both.



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